Welcome To Callboy Playboy And Male Escort Online Training English Set A

Read Instructions Carefully

1 : For Qualified This Training, You Need To Correct Answer At Least 8 Questions Out Of 10.

2 :  Total Questions Are 10 and Allotted Time Is 20 Minutes Only For Finish This Training.

3 : In This Training There Are Total 10 Questions And Each Question Has 6 Options And Out Of These 6 Options Only One Option Is Correct, Read All The Questions And All The Options Carefully And Answer Them.

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Question : What Will You Do If Madam Refuses To Give You Money At The Meeting Place?
Question : What Would You Tell If Your Close Friends, Girlfriends, Wife, Family Members, Or Your Relatives Ask You What Work You Do To Make So Much Money ?
Question : If You Have Gone Out To Serve Your Service Somewhere And You And Madam Are Staying In The Same Room In The Hotel, And You Are Busy In Giving Service To That Madam And Suddenly The Police Came And Opening The Door And Start Inquiring Then What Would You Do ?
Question : If You Are Giving Service To Madam And If Your Penis ( Cock ) Gets Loose Before Madam Is Satisfied, What Will You Do Or How Will You Satisfy Madam ?
Question : If You Are Going To Take Your Service With Your Own Bike Or Car And Suddenly Your Car Or Bike Gets Spoiled In The Middle Of The Way Where Nobody Knows You Then What Will You Do ?
Question : If You Have Gone To Serve Your Service In Another State And Stayed In A Hotel There, What Would You Do If Suddenly The Police Came And Started Questioning You?
Question : What Is A Red Light Area ?
Question : What Is Callboy ?
Question : What Would You Do If Madam Asked You To Have Sex Without A Condom ?
Question : What Is Playboy ?